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Esun group introduce New GT68 Smart watch

  • Autor:Andy
  • Suelte el:2015-12-16
Product Feature of android smart watch: GT68 Smart Watch Main Features:
  1. Appearance vogue, extreme thin; Thickness of the whole machine: 11.8mm;
  2. HD display, 2.5D arc high sensitive capacitive touch screen, Anti-sweating, delicate and beautiful; Precision OGS lamination process;
  3. Anti-sweating frosted surface treatment, acme ergonomic concave and convex design, wearing more comfortable;
  4. Metal frame, strong and durable;
  5. Ultrasonic sound cavity closed aluminum film, listen to the sounds of nature;
  6. 350 mAh Polymer battery capacity, safe and reliable;
  7. Variety colors, variety of mood; variety of UI theme, show different styles