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1. What's the difference between a CD drive and a DVD burner?
Ordinary optical drive can only play, not burn. Cd-r, short for CD Recordable, is available in two versions: one for CD and the other for DVD. The cd-r disk used generally has a capacity of 730MB. It is recorded in the same way as the ordinary CD disc. It is also used to read the data by the reflection of the laser beam, so the cd-r disc can be read on the cd-rom. The difference is that the cd-r disc can be written once. When CD-R disc is being recorded, CD-R disc will emit high power laser, focusing on a specific part of CD-R disc, which will cause chemical reactions in the organic dye layer of this part. Places that are not illuminated by a high-power laser can be reflected in the gold layer, which is equivalent to the "non-concave surface" of  a  traditional CD.

   The cd-r disk USES organic dye as the main material for the recording layer. The most common ones on the market are green and gold plates, which are made with two organic dyes, blue and gold. Also on the market is a blue disc, which USES an organic dye called AZO and USES silver as a reflector. Which kind of plate is better? 

   A lot of people think to use gold dish effect is good, quality is high, actually this kind of view is very one-sided, each dish has respective characteristic. When choosing cd-r plates, you can buy all three. At present, most of the machines support not only Disk at Once but also Track at Once. When using the whole disk burning method, the user must write all the data to the cd-r disk at one time. If the prepared data is less, burning a disk is bound to cause great waste. This waste can be avoided by using track engraving, which allows a cd-r disk to be burned multiple times with extra space. There is also a cd-rw recorder and disc on the market. This cd-rw can be rubbed and written more than a thousand times. If Easy- CD Pro, etc., generally when buying a recorder will be randomly distributed such software.

   Shenzhen sun valley electronics co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing and sales of the peripheral parts and mobile storage products of notebooks. At present, the company's main products include USB2.0/3.0 optical drive box, USB dvd-rom, USB Combo USB2.0/3.0 DVDRW, optical drive bit hard disk holder, usb2.0/3.0 hard disk box and other peripheral accessories for notebooks.
2. What is the function of external optical drive?
Optical drive, because of small size, easy to carry, by people's love. However, many computers do not have built-in optical drive due to their size, so most of the time we need to buy an external optical drive to use;

Optical drive is the abbreviation of CD drive. Computers are used for reading and writing cd-rom content, which is a common part of desktop and laptop computers.

Important functions of optical drive:

1. Read the files on the CD. If it is a burning optical drive, you can also write the files on the CD.

2. Boot the system and install the software. You can start the computer with bootable disc, or you can install the operating system and applications through disc.

You can play CD, DVD, etc. like a DVD player.