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What is a hub

Hub is the basic equipment in the data communication system. Like the twisted couple and other transmission media, it does not require any software support or only a few management software supports

Now let the shop explain to you what the hub hub is.

HUB work principle

The hub works in a LAN (Local Area Network) environment and is applied to the first level of the reference model OSI as a network card, therefore it is also called a physical level device. Internal use of hub

When the LAN maintenance environment is a logical bus or ring structure, the hub can be used to build a physical network structure or a tree network. This way

The work of the plan and hub is equivalent to a repeater with multiple terminals. In fact, the hub is actually a kind of repeater. The only difference is that the hub can provide more

Port service, therefore the hub is also called multiple repeater.

Main functions of hub

The main function of the hub hub is to regenerate, model and amplify the received signal, in order to expand the transmission distance of the network and concentrate all the nodes on it on it

On the node of the heart. It works at the OSI level (reference model for interconnection of the open system), or "physical level". The hub, such as the network card, the network cable and other transmission supports, belongs

The basic equipment in the LAN is accessible from CSMA / CD (- a detection protocol).

Hub Hub is a pure hardware network below and basically does not have functionality of "intelligent memory" and "learning" similar to switch. Also does not have the

It has a Mac addresses table, so when sending data, it is not targeted, but is sent by transmission. That is, when he wants to send data to a specific node,

Instead of sending data directly to the destination node, data packages are sent to all the nodes connected to the hub.