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You can use about 600 yuan to buy a 1TB capacity SSD in 4 years

  • Author:Jenny
  • Release on:2016-08-25
For most new installations DIY enthusiasts,they willnever want to use HDD hard drive after
getting SSD benefits.It is necessary to spend 200 yuan to install 120GB SSD even if as the
only system . Comparing SDD markets, HDD market is not optimistic. With SSD capacity and
performance improving, per GB SSD hard disk price will fall withing 10 cents (equivalent to about 7 angle)
by 2020  , That is 1TB hard drives cost less than $ 100 (equivalent to about 665 yuan).

By 2020, the total storage capacity and memory market will reach $ 102 billion (equivalent
to about 678.4 billion yuan) Intel released a storage market report by the IHS research firm at IDF Meeting , 
now look at some of the content related to SSD storage.

    Storage market will reach $ 65 billion (equivalent to about 432.3 billion yuan) capacity

   Enterprise storage market worth $ 24 billion (equivalent to about 159.6 billion yuan)

              Mobile and SSD will account for 80% of the storage capacity share

                                                     SSD drives cost