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About USB-C a Powerful Interface

Nathan pconline 2017-11-10 15:01:38
New MacBook in addition to headphone socket, it has only one USB-C interface, it is difficult to expand the headache problem, but the comprehensive function is powerful. Let's take a look at the special features of USB-C.

USB Type-C has the following characteristics:

1. fast

Theoretically, the USB-C port has a maximum transmission rate of 10GB per second. But Apple says the new MacBook USB-C port has a maximum transmission rate of 5Gbps. The maximum output voltage is 20 volts, which can speed up the charging time. The USB-A type has the maximum transmission rate of 5Gbps and the output voltage of 5 volts so far.
USB C super speed

2. ultra thin

The new MacBook Air is thinner than the previous 11 inch MacBook Air 24%. Thinner fuselage needs thinner ports, which is one of the reasons why USB-C came out. The USB-C port is 0.83 cm long and 0.26 cm wide. Old USB ports are 1.4 centimeters long and 0.65 centimeters wide. This also means that the end of the USB-C data line will be 1/3 of the size of the standard USB-A data line plug. There is only one USB-C port on the left side of the new MacBook, and the right side is a single headphone jack.
USB C Interface

3. generalist

The MacBook port of the new USB-C can transmit data, charge, and also can be used as the video output port to link the external display device. The only question is how Apple meets users who want to do these three things at once.

4. no positive and negative

Like Apple's Lightning interface, the USB-C port is the same as the front and back. That is to say, no matter how you insert this port, it is correct. Users don't have to worry about the pros and cons of traditional USB ports.


5. two-way

Unlike the old USB port, power can only be transmitted in one direction, and the power transmission of the USB-C port is bidirectional, which means that it can have two types of transmit power mode. So, users can now use laptops to charge for mobile devices, or use other devices or mobile phones to charge their laptops.

usb c interface

6. backward compatibility

USB-C can be compatible with the old USB standards, but users need to buy additional adapters to complete compatibility. The Apple Corp says that not only Apple will sell adapters, but the third party companies can also authorize production.

Before Apple lightning interface appears, we may have never thought of input / output (I/O) interface and can casually plug the Type-C connector, with the arrival of this, everything will change, even if is doomed to popularize speed is very slow, but at least this day is not so far away.



The USB-C interface is a new interface, in the next period of time, there is still some compatibility problems, before the change of interface popularity, users also need to use a variety of conversion equipment interface conversion was able to successfully use. For example, USB-C to USB Adapter converter, USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter (HDMI converter), USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter (VGA converter), power supply, USB-C power adapter is also needed.