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The disadvantege of poor quality type c usb cable

  • Author:Sivia Chen
  • Release on:2016-06-30
     Such as 10, LG, HTC, huawei P9 connector.test the G5 flagship phones started the USB Type - C data interface, let the USB cable Type - C demand also increase gradually. Problems but, as in the past, USB cable, there will always be filled with poor quality of cable .
    If we choose the poor quality cable ,it is easily doing harm to our connected devices .Maybe the charge current is too low to fast charging .In addition ,it will lead to can not finish siginal transmissing .Or  there is the risk of burning equipment.
    So please choose the high quality usb cable .Our company offer the three high quality for you  to choose ,the relevant information is as follows .The product name is TYPE C TO HDMI , TYPE C TO USB2.0  and TYPE C TO USB3.0.