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Microsoft confirmed the tenth anniversary of the Windows update does freeze the computer

  • Author:Jenny
  • Release on:2016-08-15

Microsoft has confirmed yesterday, part of the hard disk partition will be disappearing, become a non-partitioned format after marking the 10th anniversary of Windows updates installed, , but actually partition and data is still there. Microsoft is making a fix at the same time.

Now, Microsoft has confirmed that the tenth anniversary of the Windows update version of an  other Bug, which will be shown after the part of users to upgrade computers have been frozen and be unuseful.Microsoft also explained that only 10 Windows system installed on the SSD solid state drives, the users whose programs and data in another piece of hard disk , will be affected by this problem. In addition ,this kind of phenomenon won't appear under this starting by this safe mode. Therefore, the program in safe mode,  to solving this problem we can transfer data and program to the system hard disk, or simply relegated to the older version of Windows.

Microsoft is exploiting the pitch ,but there is no specific schedule when to has a result .